About Us


The story behind Heartbreak Coffee began with my dream to open up a coffee shop in the year 2009. Since then, I have seen many business opportunities come and go - some that were tedious, and some that shook me so hard that I almost gave up on my vision altogether. 

It wasn't until the winter of 2012 that I felt this accumulation of experiences begin to polish the respect and love I had for a simple cup of coffee. I began roasting on my stove-top, burned many many beans, made some really bad cups of coffee, and then... began to make some pretty darn good ones. It was here that I realized it was time to finally commit to all of my hopes and fears - to thrive in the ebb and flow of bittersweet experiences, and to turn my many heartbreaks into inspiration. 


What you hold in your hands is a piece of me. I roast all of my coffee beans with pride, care and an open mind. And for as much as I wish for you to enjoy your cup of coffee, I equally hope too, that you may find your inspiration in all things bitter and wonderful.

Regards from Long Beach, CA


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